The Ohio State University Athletic Department Disability Needs Form

Instructions and Information

Completion of the Disability Needs Form will enable The Ohio State University to provide a reasonable accommodation to eligible patrons attending programs and events at Ohio State's athletic facilities based on both an individual's request and Ohio State's assessment of individual needs.

To complete the form you may:

Patrons who wish to request auxiliary aids and services should contact The Ohio State University's Athletic Department and submit the completed Disability Needs Form at least two weeks prior to an event. However, regardless of when a Disability Needs Form is submitted, Ohio State will make a good faith effort to fulfill requests made via this form, and Ohio State staff will consult with you to determine what aids or services are necessary to provide effective communications in particular situations.

Accessible seating is reserved exclusively for Ohio State's patrons with accessibility needs and up to three companions, all of whom have already purchased tickets in separate transactions (standard admission).

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, The Ohio State University is not required to provide accessible seats in the event of a sellout. Disabled guests have no greater right to obtain tickets to a sold out game or event than do non-disabled guests. Completion of the Disabilities Needs Form does not entitle a patron to purchase tickets to an event or game, and is not evidence of a patron's purchase of tickets/request to purchase tickets for a game or event.

The purchase or use of accessible seats by individuals that do not need accessible seating is strictly prohibited and can result in ejection and/or revoked ticket privileges without refund.

By submitting the Disabilities Needs Form to The Ohio State University Athletic Department you are verifying that you intend to abide by the policies and guidelines of The Ohio State University's Athletic Department, that the information regarding your disability and all other information provided for the completion of the form is true and accurate, and that you agree that Ohio State has the right to eject you from the game, program, or event and/or revoke your ticket privileges without refund, if it becomes apparent that tickets are not being used by the person(s) for whom they are intended under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Ohio State's policies.

OSU Athletic Department Disability Needs Form

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If your request is regarding season tickets, please indicate this in the Name of Event field.

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Note: Captioning is provided at home football games on the main scoreboards and concourse televisions. Captioning is provided at home basketball games on the concourse televisions.
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